A passion for organizing.


Owner and Organizer

My name is Jeanelle. I am a Professional organizer with a passion for creating and maintaining a visually appealing and functional living space. Since 15, I loved making sure my room was immaculate. I took pride in having the neatest sock drawer.  During high school, I started to lend my organizing skills to my neighbors by organizing their closets and tax documents. While earning my bachelor's, I worked in retail. I acquired more skills, in regards to tidying, during my time in retail.
‌After working in different fields, I changed my career. I realized that I wanted to live my life doing what I truly enjoy. My passions are organizing and helping others. So why not combine the two by helping others live an easier and more harmonized life through the space that most of us spend the majority of our time in. 

‌I truly enjoy the process of organizing from start to finish. I now have the pleasure to help others live a more organized life.