Home Organizing
We spend so much time in our home that it is important for it to be organized and tidy. Using the 3 step method, your space will become a more enjoyable and functional space for you and your family.
‌(Minimum 3 hours)
$ 60 / hour

Car Organizing
Our cars can sometimes get a bit untidy from our daily traveling. With this service, your car will be decluttered and properly arranged so that you can stay organized while traveling.
‌(Minimum 2 hours)
$ 55 / hour

Digital Organizing
In today's world, our computers and phones get flooded with documents, photos, and emails that it can be overwhelming to keep organized. Keep your digital world clutter-free and organized.
‌(Minimum 2 hours)
$ 50 / hour

Virtual Clutter Coaching
Best suited for those who prefer to DIY, but need an accountability partner and a step by step guide to conquer clutter.
‌(Minimum 1 hour)
$ 40 / hour

Productivity Coaching
A one-on-one virtual session to help you manage your time and shift your mindset so you can achieve and maintain your goals. During our session, we will provide you with strategies, motivation, and guidance for you to effectively manage your time and become more productive. 
‌(1 hour)
$ 45


For those bigger projects.

16 Hours

‌Home Organizing


‌10% Discount

    24 Hours

    ‌Home Organizing


    ‌15% Discount

      32 Hours

      ‌Home Organizing


      ‌20% Discount

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